Fashion Talk: Interview With The Skinny Fashionista

Fashion Talk: Interview With The Skinny Fashionista

Move aside fashion world, there is a new “It” girl in town and she goes by the name of The Skinny Fashionista. This North Carolina native is a 19-year old college student who is currently studying apparel design at North Carolina Central University. Aside from being a second—almost third year college student, The Skinny Fashionista is also a dedicated blogger for her own blog that is of course entitled, The Skinny Fashionista.

Taylor Freeman or better known as The Skinny Fashionista can also be seen in the ASOS Fashion Finder, Go Jane, Nasty Gal (FaceBook, Instagram, Blog, Pintrest), and various fashion blogs and magazines.We were able to sit down with The Skinny Fashionista and conduct an interview discussing her life and fashion of course.


images courtesy of Skinny Fashionista 

E411: Since you are known for your blog and excellent fashion choices, do you get excited when people you don’t know want to work with you?

Skinny Fashionista:  I’m actually thrilled when people I do not know want to work with me — it lets me know that there are people all over this world looking at my work and what I love to do. I also am thankful for outsider collaborations because it gives me exposure plus it helps with networking that is essential for my fashion journey.

E411: Do you feel as though you have no days off when it comes to your look because you have an image to uphold?

 SF: It’s not so much that I have an image to uphold, but personally I just love to look my best or look fashion forward every chance I get. I’ve never been the type of person to just go out in sweats and a hoodie. Even if I’m wearing something laid back, I still try to make sure that my sense of style is incorporated in it.

E411: Have you ever looked at older images of yourself and thought, “What the hell was I thinking.” In other words did you have a lot of fashion don’ts in past years?

SF: I look at old images of myself, back in middle school and high school, and I actually become more inspired. It’s crazy because when I look at what I used to wear, back when people would pick on me in school, I see now that most people are wearing what I was teased for. Even as an eighth and ninth grader, I was setting trends and didn’t even know it. Of course, there are some outfits that I wish I never stepped out of the house in, but fashion is all about trial and error.

E411: Other than fashion, what else do you have on your plate?

SF:  Besides fashion, I also write and plan to publish one of my books in the near future. I actually started writing way before I became interested in the fashion industry.

E411: Are there any trends that you just feel like you have to stay away from?

SF: It’s not so much that I stay away from trends, it’s actually that I just don’t read about them or look them up. I try not to be nose deep in fashion magazines that are basically telling people what’s “in” and what’s “out”. You should dress for yourself, not for everyone else.

E411: Whenever you go out do you get a lot of stops or stares? If so, how do you deal with it?

SF: The stares are massive almost daily. When I first started dressing differently and getting stares, it honestly made me nervous and I tried to stay away from huge crowds. But now, I really don’t mind it. People are going to stare all they want because from the area I’m in, people aren’t really used to liberal, fresh styles — they’re more conservative. As long as someone isn’t being rude, I’m okay with the stares. I just smile sweetly and continued to be myself.

E411: Since you are in college and a lot of students tend to “swagger jack” have you seen anyone bite your style, or attempt to?

SF: I’m the most humble person you’ll meet, so I won’t say that I’ve seen people “steal” my style, but I have noticed that I’ve influenced a few people here and there. It’s actually not a bad thing to me — it’s sort of like a compliment.

E411: Do you have any fashion icons? 

 SF: Grace Jones is everything and she will be forever. She is the most fearless woman I’ve ever admired.





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